Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They Still Don't Get It!!

 I just came across a article on the Medical News Today website called "Epidemic Of Obesity Requires A New Focus On Controlling Energy Balance And Preventing Weight Gain". The title sparked my interest so I started to read. 

"A healthy body weight is best maintained with a higher level of physical activity than is typical today and with an energy intake that matches," explained Hill, professor of pediatrics and medicine and executive director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and the lead author of the paper. "We are not going to reduce obesity by focusing only on reducing food intake. Without increasing physical activity in the population we are simply promoting unsustainable levels of food restriction. This strategy hasn't worked so far and it is not likely to work in the future.

As Dr. Hill explains, "What we are really talking about is changing the message from 'Eat Less, Move More" to 'Move More, Eat Smarter.' "

 Okay, sounds good on paper if you believe the theory of calorie in = calorie out. But I remember Gary Taubes writing about the flaws of this belief in Why We Gat Fat. How do you get a obese person to move more without first loosing the weight?? When I was overweight the last thing I wanted to do was exercise! But, when I finally changed what I was feeding myself with (not calorie restriction by the way just a change in the types of food I ate-high fat mind you) good food and my body fat started to melt off, then I had more energy to move more even though I lost my weight with not much more physical activity than I already did. So the Dr. should change the message to "Eat Smarter, THEN You'll Move More".

 I really don't think the obesity epidemic we have in America is the result in less movement. We move less because we are overweight. We get overweight because of the flour and sugar we consume. If you take out the flour and sugar, you'll loose weight and become more active. Where do we get the flour and sugar? Typical American diet includes bread, buns, cakes, cookies, soda, gummy bears, candy bars, sandwiches and french fries, deep fried starches and breaded things, biscuits, on and on and on and on. Take that crap out and eat a more Primal meal plan you will loose the fat very easily and for good, because it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

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Over and out.

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